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I've no time for the moment to translate the site into English!

But never mind, no need to speak or read french to take a look at my photos anyway
Here 's a short explanation of my menu and what you'll find on the pages.
Don't hesitate to contact me in english (and dutch) for more info .

Collection : photos of my minerals.

Clubs : short description of my associations .

Infos-bourse : info about the future exhibitions in Belgium.

Infos-Revues: info about books, magazines, videos related to mineralogy.

Infos-Logiciels: info about software useful for mineral collectors.

Mineral du Mois : mineral of the month : photo and info.

Liens: links to some great sites, many in english!

Sites belges : quarries and other places where I've found minerals in Belgium.

Sites-Monde : a few great mineralogical places in the world.

Contact : send me a mail if you want!

Annonces : offers .

Section ventes : minerals for sale.

There is a second menu on the home page :

Quoi de neuf : what's new : the last updates

Liste mineraux : list of all known minerals

Météo : the weather !

Nouvelles : news about geology-mineralogy

Recherche : search the web

Remerciements : all the people I want to thank

Sorties... photos of our activities


I've fallen in love with minerals more than 10 years ago , in 1992 ; I was walking on the french "Causses" (superb place in the Cevennes, south of France) and I picked up some "stones" for the pleasure. Probably some calcite and aragonite...
What could have been a short-lived passion turned into a "serious sickness".
This site is my way to share my passion -sorry, my sickness- , in french only, but I'm convinced that a language is not a barrier in such a case.
Thanks for your visit.
(Please tell me what I should do to improve my pages...)